New Voices has been working hard to create and distribute content on Tick Safety for Lyme disease prevention throughout the district. We are happy to have produced a coloring book that is now being distributed through libraries throughout the district. The coloring book is also available as a PDF file that can be dowloaded from our website. In addition, our members have put together a reading of the coloring book that you can watch along with.
The coloring book is available for download as a PDF on our website. It can be accessed by clicking "About Us" along the top tab, then selecting downloads. This will bring you to the coloring book file that is free to download, print, and color on your own. We hope you enjoy it.

Our club is composed mainly of RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) alumni, all of whom have seen how rampant ticks are in the woods where camp is held. Ticks are a problem we handle often but these critters are everywhere in New England and not everyone knows the potential dangers they pose. 

In Rotary, there is a saying, “see a need, fill a need.” For our newly founded club, the need we wanted to fill was to  educate the public on the dangers of ticks and keep our communities healthy. To do so, members of our club worked hard to produce this book and we hope it serves as a fun learning tool to teach future generations what to look out for, and how to stay safe!

Here is a YouTube video of some of our members reading the coloring book. We hope you enjoy it.